Jano Prestige is the second biggest yacht we currently have available for rent. It is a two floor yacht with capacity of sixteen people. It is coming with two Camings engines which have horse power of 500 each. Even if it is smaller comparing with our largest yacht, it still provides a wide range of extras and services. First of all, it has a cabin including a tiolet and a kitchen. There is also a GPS available to help you navigate the boat towards the destination you like and help you avoid any obstacles.

Furthemore, the autopilot and fish finder extras are also included in case they are needed. Since we would like to provide excellent customer service, the boat includes electric anchor. There is also a sound system so you can enjoy any misic during your cruise. After you finish swimming there is a shower and a tend for those who do not want to spent a lot of time under the sun.

Finally, for safety reasons and fro those who do not know how to swim well, we can providing lifejackets. A first aid box is also available in case it is needed.

Jano Prestige Yacht Specifications

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