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Boat Rental Cyprus

Looking for boat rental Cyprus?  We offer the latest technology style of boats.  Our inflatable boats move through the water with ease.  Check out the local sea life on your own, or with a captain.  Get away from all the other vacationers and have a little piece of quite with your party.  Our boat rental Cyprus is ready and awaiting your adventures. Take the boat out to see the beautiful edges and beach of Cyprus.  As you cruise along the water’s edge and stop in and take a swim.  The amazing clear blue waters are perfect for diving as well as looking from the boat.  Take snorkelling gear and head out to the amazing coral reefs and become one with the ocean.

Renting a Boat in Cyprus

Boat Rental Cyprus is a fun and affordable option for many vacationers.  There are boats that you can drive yourselves, or have a captain.  Getting to the coral reefs and learning the waterways is an adventure of a lifetime. Moreover, the water here is crystal clear, so enjoying the coral reefs is easy.  And, snorkelling doesn’t require any expensive equipment or instructions.  It’s perfect to see the natural beauty our oceans have to offer.  The reef is rich with coral, turtles and other marine life.  In the Boat rental Cyprus, you might come upon some dolphins that will glide along the sides of the boat and splash in the surf.  This is something you will never experience staying in a hotel or on the beach.  Dive in and see for yourself just how beautiful Cyprus’ waters can be. 

Although, our inflatable boats are easy to learn to drive and we offer a quick lesson.  If you aren’t sure about it, give us a call.  We are happy to take you out on one of the boats and show you just what a great experience Boat Rentals Cyprus can be.  

Do you scuba dive?  There are some sunken vessels offshore to check out.  And, getting there in a boat rental Cyprus means you are in control of how long you stay.  Curious to all Cyprus area has to offer divers?  Go to the Cyprus Dive Centres Association (CDCA) and take a look.  

Boat Rental Cyprus
Boat Rental Cyprus

Diving in Cyprus

Or drive along the edges of Cyprus and just take in the amazing views.  A boat rental Cyprus will allow you to go your own speed.  The fishing vessels are simply gorgeous to see.  And, there is so many brightly coloured boats and ships around.  Do you like photography?  This island is perfect for photographers.  The beautiful waters, breath-taking skies and amazing vessels all around the amazing beaches are perfect for capturing some amazing photographs.

If you are looking for a truly unique experience that is affordable for anyone, give us a call. We offer a choice of boats sizes and types as well.  The various types of boats offered are displayed on our website.  And, they are all new and ready for fun. 

Set out to enjoy some of the amazing sites around Cyprus as well, in your Boat rental Cyprus.  The Bath of Aphrodite, St. George Church, Plaji Bay, St. George Island and Manolis Bay.  There are Chamiely Island and Blue Lagoon as well as Fontana Amorosa, and Cape Arnaoutis to check out as well.  There is so much to see and do with your boat rental Cyprus we are sure you will be back for more.