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Boat Rentals and Private Cruises

Latchi Pleasure Boats is a newly established company which provides various professional boat rental services. Starting only with a luxury boat, it has now grown and has six professional luxurious boats to choose from. The services which are provided are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in Cyprus. The boats are available either with a captain or self-drive. In case you do not feel confident choosing a self-drive option, there is an option to have a test drive before you start your cruise. So all you have to do is to book your cruise and choose which boat you are looking to book. Read More.

Latchi Boats

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to choosing the most suitable boat. First of all, depending on the people who are looking to have a cruise. Each individual boat is able to hold a different amount of people. Every boat also has different facilities and can be either be self-driven, with a captain or both. All boats are brand new with brand new powerful engines and inflatable structure.

Self-Drive / with Captain

Latchi Pleasure Boats gives you the option to choose between self-drive and with the captain. All our boats (except ΙΩ1) can be booked either with a captain or self-drive. Since ΙΩ1 is our biggest boat, we are providing professional captains. Our captains are professionals with many years of experience. They will be able to show all the areas around since they know most of the areas around Cyprus due to the years of experience they have.

In case you are looking to use the boat as self-drive, our expert staff will make sure that you will go through some test drive before you got for the cruise. The staff will guide you through the different options that boats provide and also how to make sure that you will be able to control the boat during the cruise.

boat rental
Boat Rental

Equipment and Safety

An important part that people look before booking private boat is the safety and equipment that is provided. The boats are fully equipped with the necessary equipment including lifejackets, cool boxes, scuba masks, flippers, etc. All the equipment is included in the boat hire prices and nothing is required to have beforehand. So just book you’re the specific boat you like and you are ready to go.

The boats are unsinkable due to the way they are constructed and they are also fully insured for up to €1000 excess. And in case of bad weather and high waves, our boats do not crash and run a lot smoother.

Cyprus Island

Must visit places around Cyprus

During the cruise, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful weather of Cyprus and crystal clear waters of Akamas, Blue Lagoon which are the well known as the see-through waters. Except for the above, the boat will pass from various other popular places. Depending on your requirements, our driver will be able to drive you through from Saint George Island, Blue Lagoon, Akamas, Coral Bay and other famous places around Cyprus.