IO1 Boat (BSC-10M) is our largest boat. It is possible to carry up to twelve people who can relax during their cruise. Since it is the largest boat, it is also very powerful. The twin engines 250HP each are ready to provide a great experience. The specific boat is only available to be booked with captain only. The boat engines are brand new and really powerful with horse power of  250HP each. Carrying out a maximum of twelve people at a time, it is sure that it will be an amazing experince.

There is plenty of space in the boat and that makes even more comfortable to use. An important advantage is the cabin of the boat that provides protection from the sun especially during the summer period. It also provides a toilet and a shower in case they are needed. Some of the extras it can provide which can be used are GPS Navigator, Autopilot and Fish finder, Electric Anhor, Sound System, Shower, Extra tend, Lifejackets and First Aid box which will warranty an amazing and safe journey.

If you are looking to hire this boat, you are able to choose the time you are looking to hire it. Below you can find all the prices for the different durations we can provide. In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you.

IO1 Latchi Boat Specifications



*Prices below do not include fuel charges (€80) and captain charges (€20 per hour)

1 Hour Private Cruise


2 Hours Private Cruise


3 Hours Private Cruise


4 Hours Private Cruise


Full Day Private Cruise


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