Internity Yacht is the biggest private yacht we currently provide. It is a really powerful yacht since it is coming with a twin engine with high horse power. Both MAN engines have a horse power of 1200 each which make the yacht a lot faster and powerful. The 62 feet yacht is capable to be used from a maximum of sixteen people. Moreover, except from the above, the yacht includes many extras which can be used from the travellers.

First of all, there is a  cabin which can be used to protect you from the sun. The yacht has is also build in kitchen and toilet. It is coming with a GPS Navigator in case you are not sure where you would like to go. It also helps by showing the different obstacles that are around you. The autopilot and fish finder are some of the extas that are included. Finally, tha yacht includes an electric anchor, sound system, shower, lifejackets and a first aid box.

Internity Yacht Specifications



*Prices below include both fuel charges and captain charges

4 Hours Private Cruise


Full Day Private Cruise



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